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Play as a budding exhibitionist in Japan set out to live her deepest fantasy: taking a stroll around town butt naked. Explore quiet Japanese towns at night to find the best places to hide her clothes. The further away and less accessible they are, the more exciting it is for her!

As you play out her fantasy, she will get increasingly turned on and feel the urge to play with herself. Find an area to hide and start playing with her nipples and clitoris to help stimulate herself and orgasm faster. Alternatively, stop masturbating right before climaxing to edge her and build up for an even larger orgasm.

If she is seen by others while streaking, she will lose the confidence to continue. The more exposed she is, the more embarrassing it is to be seen. Aim for an A rank as you earn points from your eventful night and leave the area before the night ends. 

Please note that we do not plan to include sex and penetration in the game. We want the game to be focused on the exhibitionism aspects!

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Rika Suto (須戸 りいか, Suto Riika) is a plain-looking 22 year-old exploring her newfound freedom away from home. She always had a dream of cosplaying in public, fantasizing about being surrounded by people taking her picture. The thought of being so exposed to others excited her deep down.

One day, she happened across JAV of a woman outside removing her clothes in public as onlookers watched. That video revealed a whole new world to Rika: exposure play. She quickly became consumed by it and fantasized about it every night: the thought of being so exposed, nothing to hide, everything visible to everyone; she couldn't get enough of it!

Eventually she had enough fantasizing and set out into the night with a single goal in mind: to feel the cool night wind all over.

Play as Rika as she descends into the world of exposure play. Explore her apartment and prepare herself nightly adventure. Dress-up (or down) with a variety of outfits ranging from plain to fetish. Use her laptop to visit an exhibitionism forum to select daring challenges or upgrade her skills to become more bold and daring. Lay in bed or take a shower to relax or psyche herself up for the night to come.

Once you're ready to leave and appropriately dressed (or brave enough), step out the door and into the night!

(Not all aforementioned features are implemented yet)


  • Explore a quaint Japanese neighborhood with many nook and crannies to hide in.
  • Strip off everything as you remove Rika's clothes one piece at a time in increasingly daring locations.
  • Masturbate to relieve Rika as she gets increasingly turned on from streaking.
  • Earn a high score from removing your clothes and masturbating from the excitement.

This an early alpha of an incomplete game. Many assets are either placeholder or missing and are highly subject to change. Additional mechanics have also not yet been implemented.


An Xbox One controller is the recommended way to play.

  • Move your character with WASD or the left control stick.
  • Rotate the camera with the mouse or right control stick.
  • Remove your top by holding down T on the keyboard or Y on a game pad.
  • Remove your bottom by holding down G on the keyboard or X on a game pad.
  • Pick up your clothes by holding down F on the keyboard or A on a game pad.
  • Masturbate by pressing V on the keyboard or B on the game pad when arousal cross the threshold.
  • Pause the game with escape on the keyboard or start on the game pad.


  • Wiggle both control sticks while masturbating to stimulate yourself.
  • Some clothes reduces your ability to regain confidence and increases the amount of embarrassment received more so than others.


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Version 9

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Android port... XBox controller is compatible thanks to Bluetooth.


I wish Roshutsu could remove the mosaic (because I prefer to look naked)

you can in the settings dw

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It's a shame to see that this game is on indefinite hiatus for now. I hope you can be able to return to this and continue working on it some day. Good luck on your current projects.

Edit: Also, while I know this is probably in bad taste considering that you put Roshutsu's development on hiatus for a reason, have you considered adding different positions and types of masturbation?


For anyone who is wondering about if this game is getting anymore updates and hasn't been following the dev's Twitter/Patreon, Roshutsu is dead.

All the following information comes from the Discord, and the dev's Twitter.

It was in a development hell for a long, long time, since around the release of Alpha 6 from what I can tell. The dev didn't know what they wanted to do with the project, and experimented with many different overhauls, such as one where Rika was a delivery girl, or one inspired by Degrees of Lewdity which was a full sandbox game. Around this time the dev experimented with many spinoffs, such as a multiplayer one, and an isometric one. All of these ideas died off for various reasons, but Roshutsu as a general Exhibitionism/ENF Stealth Game remained. The dev seemed to be really insistent on wanting a story for the game, but seemingly could never find one that they liked, and was running out of money to use on development.

Then, they abandoned Roshutsu entirely to work on a new project about a Nudist. It was just recently teased on the Roshutsu Twitter, but development details have been on the dev's Twitter for a long time.

You may or may not be interested in this new project, I don't know if I personally am or not because a lot of details have yet to be revealed, but it seems very clear to me that Roshutsu, the Exhibitionism/ENF Stealth Game featured on this page, is dead, and will never be finished.

Even if the dev eventually returns to this project, which I honestly don't think they will considering they seem to have lost all passion for it, I don't think it'll last long, and they'll likely soon drop the project again for the same reasons they dropped it in the first place.

I wish the dev luck on their future endeavors, but for the fans of Roshutsu looking for updates, don't expect any. The project seems very dead.


This is a pretty accurate summary of events. Roshutsu is on indefinite hiatus while I work on a new project. You're correct in that Roshutsu had been stuck in a development hell. I do want to come back to this idea at some point. A stealth streaking game is still a great idea; it just needs clearer direction.


have you thought about selling the project off?

Sometimes, a break is what you need to break writer's block. [Coming from a writer]


thats sad :(




this game getting anymore updates?


Will this game have bondage/bdsm features? Self-bondage would be nice, but also how about a mini-section where the girl can be caught by someone and 1) either tied to a pole and she has to escape before dawn or 2) be taken to someone's basement and also escape. No need for the explicit scenes if that's not your thing, you could always make it fade-to-black


Wish that there will be android version on this. Because THERE'S NO SUCH EROGE like this EVER on android. 

If you did it, I'm sure it'll be much more popular, please 🙏

There is one.... It's a port but the graphics aren't nearly as good looking (from what I saw above)

Okay, so what's name of game?

It's just way too freakin' rare for much useful gameplay rather than visual novel full of BS


When it's available for linux?

Works fine under wine.


when will the next update come ?


dead project

rly god damit but does the artist make other games?


Wait a minute, they just posted on April 2022, https://www.patreon.com/roshutsu looks like they'll be working back on it. As far as other games, I do not know.


its not  dead just being developed slow the discord they have is quite active and the developer has been getting more and more suggestions and its quite the open concept so its hard to know what to do next


Since this game is still in development, I'm curious: is there any chance that there might be a wider variety of people walking around? Would be nice to see some other females reacting to the MC being indecent (either approving or disapproving of what they see). 

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Are there set spawn points for clothes or is it completely random? I was playing earlier and couldn't find a single piece of clothing.


there are a few set places clothes can be found but in those set places it's random for the pieces of clothing to be there. Say there's 4 pieces of clothing and there's 10 places they can be found, they will scatter out randomly. with the expanded area I agree they are a little hard to find honestly...


hey das spiel ist super! Hoffe du bist mit der entgültigen version bald fertig und pack nen mod Editor dazu ja wäre mega und pls hau ne steam Edition raus lg Keks mach weiter sooo :*


i just hope that the future updates a free


When is the next update?????????????


I recommend joining the discord as they do like mini updates and check in's.


Is there any way to crouch?


I think he is working on it, there is a screenshot of some work-in-progress about that somewhere on the page.


Is this game still being updated?


same question its taking soo long




Now, this is a million dollar idea. Keep up the good work!

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loving this game cant wait to get more clothing options to purchase maybe we could get toys added in the future i.e plugs/vibes


I really love this game! It would be cool to play a similar game but in VR))


Would love to see this kinda thing fleshed out in a much larger and detailed game map, models, animations, and actual interactions to be had around the map with situational events.  


I thought this game was uncensored, what's going on?


*I don't speak English, so this is a translation from DeepL.

This can be changed in the Settings screen.

"Settings" > "GENERAL" > "CENSORSHIP"


I understand


you should make it so clothes can spawn on the clotheslines, that’d make it a bit easier to find it. 


Nice game with a lot of potential. Three things I'd like to see:

1. female pedestrians. Only being caught by men is kinda boring

2. Remove fixed camera when masturbating. I would prefer to look around while doing so, see Rika from different perspectives, and not just have 95% of the screen covered by Rika. 

3. Masturbating in different ways/positions, fondling, etc. (This would synergize with point 2)

(+ more clothes, especially more slutty ones)

Thanks, I hope we get a full game to purchase one day :)


How to remove mosaic


in the settings my dude.

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Excellent game, highly recommended.

When he's masturbating, he should be able to interact with NPC's in a "dirty" way.

I don't know if that would be against the theme of the game, but it would be great.

"See-through" clothing would also be great.

Customize the character (increase breast size, pubic hair).


Thank you developer for this awesome game, i would like there to be more npc interactions or faces. and if the MC can have sound when shes interacting, like moaning when masturbating, or getting caught...stuff like that. But it will be the best if you can add where she masturbating and npc's instead of the caught meter diminishing she could actually find pleasure that NPC'S are looking at her when shes masturbating. that is all. Thank you again for the game bud


It would be really cool if you could earn new flashing poses, like bending over, or lifting the skirt from the back, or lifting one leg up


I really enjoyed the streaking game mode, and I love the overall concept. I just wish there was something to work toward between runs, like money to buy new outfits or something.

Also, wouldn't it be cool if you could activate like a bonus time/invincible state by maxing out her lust, and you have until her lust goes back to 0 to be seen as much as possible.


i think it would be awsome to have toys like a vibrator that goes on at randome moments


If there's extra ways to flash this game will be more interesting


I think it would be cool if there were gusts of wind that could lift up dresses and skirts or even blow off towels. More options to flash with the skirt and dress would be nice too.


Super cute game, I love the idea, can't wait to see how ti goes from here!


Is there going to be a Android version of Roshutsu? Soon? Cause I wanna see that happen


Can you add a mac and linux native version please ? As far as I know it’s not really complicated with unity. Just add a new target and export the project.

(I don’t know how well it will work to export for the new apple M1)

Deleted post

Hello and forgive my poor ability to speak English, I would already like to say that I love the Games and even Roshutsu in general. But it is rare to find good games with real interesting gameplay.

So I have nothing to say about the direction of the games.

I would just like to come up with some idea to bring the games to life.

-Map: Rika looks like a classic student so they could have a day level in a high school or a third school at her age.

-time and population: You could extend the time that she can spend outside until about 12H, adding more NPCs from 6h in the streets forcing her to be more attentive to danger.

-Special zone: There could be instantiate zones where Rika could have access by going there by herself like a public bath, or even a minimarket

-Streaming is good: The addition of Private Camera on certain area, which would increase its excitement to flash in front of it.

-Object to steal: The addition of the possibility that a person falls on a piece of clothing and decides to leave with it, the inability to get dressed.

-Satyre: In normal mode where exploration is free, The possibility that a particular NPC (like an old pervert) when she points out this one, the following night he will be more attentive when she passes not far from her journey or even begins to follow her from home.

-Rainy day: Rika always goes out at night and when the weather is clear, but it would be as fun as she is on rainy evenings or what she is wearing would turn slightly transparent when she is wearing white or just balling her body if she has no bra, also causing her to fall flaunting under her skirt when she runs in puddles.

-It's a trap: Rika is a young woman, that's good ... But some players have different tastes, add other characters, like a muscular man or another very feminine, and add someone else might like a futanari.

-depravity: The addition of a rather big mode, add a state of morale which will drop as Rika blinks, allow to unlock the possibility of dressing less or in more tendentious ways.

- Dangerous window: There could be risks with house windows where a person would not lie down yet and walk past naked or blinked in front could be at risk.


 "follow her from home"-9th paragraph
I would disagree with these points for this changes the scenario and thus setting. A system to grind toward is a good idea but I don't think it should be structured that way. Instead it being a unlockable toggle gained from an achievement to dressing less. Yet the idea of more precarious outfits, were a mistake might leave you wearing less, would be interesting.

Basically I would not want the status quo to change and rather stay stagnate. Focusing on other aspects of Roshutu. Also not lessening starting clothing as a depravity meter reward .

Everything else is some great thoughts and I too would like to see these introduced into the game.

(1 edit) (+2)

Agreed, maybe starting off with only a handful of clothes, and have shop to purchase new clothes via the laptop, and special clothing/items via achievements 

Also, adding in an overshirt option would be good


+1 for traps

(1 edit) (+1)

Are the sound options broken?

Maybe it's just a problem I have, but I can't mute the sound volume, I had all sliders to zero and it turned to max volume


Here is the gameplay of this game, so you can see more or less what it is about

(2 edits) (+5)

Nice game. A few suggestions to make the gameplay more exciting (I am aware the implementation may not be trivial for some of them)

- adjustable vision range with blindfold

- detection tweaks: add silent slow/sneak walking option and have npcs notice the player's footsteps while running and masturbation sounds at a defined distance (through walls). increased range for orgasm sound. alerted npcs should A) turn towards the player, and B) sometimes go after the player (e.g. 2-10 seconds).

- optimized foot step pinpointing, e.g. tweaking foot step max distance and the volume curve by distance, maybe distinguish different types of footstep sounds.

- clothing tweaks: add handcuffs (no covering, requires animation adjustments) and ankle chain (slowed movement, may replace panties due to undress logic).

- sound-making accessory (bell, whatever) that increases detection range (through walls) while moving.

- option for more npcs, randomized pathing, possibly stationary npcs by a random feed each time one leaves the apartment.

- types of npcs:
1: vanilla: no reaction
2: turn towards player when alerted
3: chase after player when alerted
4: pervert npcs who chase and have a camera that greatly add to detection if the players remains in vision range for e.g. 3 seconds (possibly add flashlight effect, should be simple to code)

- vibrator:  should increase detection range slightly (through walls) and increase arousal continuously, resulting in involuntary orgasms. this may translate into new game modes and may synergize with the detection tweaks above.

Keep it up :)

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